Aviation Consumer – March 2017


Aviation Consumer March 2017 THE FUTURE LOOKS DIGITAL “The future of aircraft fuel gauges seems focused on magnetic senders with digital outputs like the technology found in CiES senders. They’re standard in some OEM applications and the STC list for retrofit is growing.”

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Flying Magazine – January 2017

Flying Magazine January 2017 “Think your fuel gauges are unreliable? They don’t have to be. Newer types of digital sensor technology are bringing increased accuracy to fuel measurement, supplanting capacitive-type mechanical senders, which can provide unreliable readings. MEASURING FUEL MORE ACCURATELY “A saying in general aviation that has been around forever tells us we should…

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AOPA Pilot – May 2013


“Gone are the mechanical fuel quantity gauges that used to live next to the fuel selector between the two seats. Instead, new fuel-level senders with electronic fuel quantity data is displayed on-screen, providing far more precision than most mechanical fuel gauges. “The system helps keep fuel balanced between the left and right tank, periodically reminding…

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Flying Magazine – May 2013

Flying Magazine May 2013 Well this is a general aviation first – Recognition in the press or an editorial resulting from a flight utilizing our fuel level sending technology. When reading about all the very significant changes made for the new 2013 G5 Cirrus. You will see the mention of accurate fuel level – not…

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In-Service Call or Inquiry Procedure

When a call, email or other correspondence is received from a customer or aircraft service facility about an in-service issue on a CiES TSO product, the following procedure is to be followed: Ask if the situation is a safety of flight or if safety of flight has been compromised by the problem. If the Answer…

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Erratic Output


SEVERAL ISSUES CAN CAUSE ERRATIC OUTPUT. THE MOST COMMON ARE LISTED BELOW: Connector Pin Engagement The connector pins need to be fully engaged into the connector to fully seat with the mating connector socket or vice versa. This is the most common issue and it can cause a multitude of errors in output. Tank Sealant…

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