Scott Philiben in a zip-up gray sweater with a foliage background
Scott Philiben
Christine Sandsness with a gray Cirrus Aircraft jacket with a foliage background
Christine Sandsness
General Manager
Danielle Quirk in a teal knit sweater against a foliage background
Danielle Quirk
Production and QC Manager
Riley Croghan
Ryley Croghan
Engineering Manager
Lyn Fenwick Philiben
Lyn Fenwick
Executive Leadership Advisor
Sydney Sampels
Sydney Sampels
Administrative Support
Rick Wright in a dark blue, orange and brown plaid shirt
Rick Wright
Electrical/Software Engineering Lead
Charlie Ruban in a dark blue knit sweater and a striped polo shirt
Charlie Urban
Electrical/Software Engineer
Andy Fackrell in a black button-up shirt and a foliage background
Andy Fackrell
Mechanical Engineering Lead
Nick King in a black hoodie with a brown beanie on his head
Nick King
Beth Moyer in a mauve colored t-shirt and a gray beanie
Beth Moyer
Production Lead
Derrick Earl
Derrick Earl
Production Specialist
in loving memory of rosie
In loving memory of Rosie
Beloved and forever in our hearts


"The cost to retrofit CiES senders to a pre-74 B55 is around $3200 (plus installation). That may seem "outrageous," but it's only about 50% more than what it costs to have the eight (2 per tank * 4 tanks) senders "overhauled" – and my experience with overhauled senders is not very good. At best, the overhauled senders will perform as good as when new for a few years – which is to say they're accurate to within about +/- 5 gallons.

"Properly calibrated the CiES senders appear to be within one gallon. In a Bonanza with two 40 gallon tanks, or a post 1973 Baron, there are only four senders so that cost is cut in half.

"IIRC the last time I checked, new (1940s technology based) senders from Beech were around $1,600 each or over four times what CiES charges."