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Installing Cies Fuel Senders Into The Cessna 172 As Part Of The EDM 900

Bryce Builds It All

Looking to upgrade your Cessna 172 with the latest EDM 900 technology? In this step-by-step video guide, Bryce walks you through the process of installing CiES Fuel Senders into your aircraft as part of a EDM 900 upgrade. He'll demonstrate the installation procedure with precision and expertise, ensuring a seamless integration of the fuel senders into your aircraft's fuel system. Whether you're a seasoned aircraft mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, his easy-to-follow instructions will empower you to complete the installation with confidence.

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Aero-TV: CiES Fuel-Quantity and e-Throttle Systems Praised

Aero-News Network

Jim Campbell interviews Scott Philiben, CiES President, about CiES' recent development of a cutting-edge fly-by-wire throttle system. This sophisticated system is a key component of Safran Electrical & Power's ENGINeUS electric aero-engine, which powers the Diamond Aircraft eDA40. The eDA40, a light, two-to-three-place trainer aircraft, is notably on track to become the first electric aircraft certified under FAA Part 23. This advancement not only highlights CiES's contribution to enhancing aircraft performance and safety but also underscores the company's pivotal role in promoting sustainable aviation technologies.

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Twin Commanche Pilot Tip Tanks

Twin Commanche Pilot

The upgrade of the Twin Comanche PA-30 continues. This week we installed the CiES Fuel senders and new Strobe lights in the Tip Tanks and reinstalled the Tips. We also finished installing all 4 Servos for the new Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot.

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Fuel Display Upgrades: Go Digital

The Aviation Consumer - Larry Anglisano, Scott Philiben

With the accident reports littered with fuel exhaustion events, it's logical to consider a big-screen engine monitor with digital fuel quantity display. But we often see disappointed buyers who shortchange the install by using the existing aging fuel tank sensors and failing wiring. Worse, they might spend time and money having the old sensors removed, repaired and reinstalled only to fail again. In this episode of Panel Planner 101 Live, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano, along with CiES founder Scott Philiben, talk through the installation and the benefits of replacing old sensors with modern digital smart fuel sensors. Done correctly, they yield more accurate and reliable fuel quantity measurements.

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First Bonanza Flight with New Avionics

JR Aviation

The Bonanza F33A panel upgrade is DONE! It’s time we go for a first flight to learn about all the new upgrades and systems. We went with a full Dynon/Avidyne glass panel upgrade. In this first flight video, we review the avionics and give our first impressions. Avidyne IFD550, IFD440, audio panel, twin Dynon 10 inch SV-HDX1100 displays, LED lights, CiES digital fuel senders, and more!

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Preventing That ‘Sinking’ Feeling - CiES Fuel Quantity Gauges

Aero-News Network - Maria Morrison, Scott Philiben

At AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Aero-News Correspondent Maria Morrison talked with CiES Inc. President Scott Philiben about their fuel monitoring systems for small aircraft. Working with industry partner Cirrus to revamp the fuel reading accuracy, CiES was able to create a safer, more modern fuel quantity sender suited to nearly all general aviation aircraft, available as OEM equipment, or under a Retrofit STC.

CiES fuel senders meets new regulations for power, ensuring no electric parts operate within the fuel tank. With a mean time to failure over 60,000 hours, 23,000 units in operation, and half a million hours of safe operation on record, CiES has found their stride.

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Accident Case Study: Faulty Assumptions

AOPA Air Safety Institute

In the early morning light on April 22, 2019, the pilot of a Beechcraft Baron 58 preflights his aircraft at West Houston Airport in Texas, before he heads to the terminal to greet his five passengers. The flight will take just over one hour. But the pilot’s mistaken beliefs about existing onboard fuel will prove disastrous and clinch the flight’s outcome. Join the AOPA Air Safety Institute as we follow the Baron’s flight and learn how an unfortunate chain of events ultimately led to tragedy.

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What Happened? 2023 Garmin Upgrades

Jeremy Winterberg

In this episode, Jeremy Winterberg discusses his latest Cherokee upgrades. This video starts when Jeremy begins discussing his CiES fuel sender upgrade. If you want to watch the entire video, all of his upgrades include:

  • Garmin GI 275 AI, HSI, EIS
  • Garmin GSB 15 Dual USB charger
  • CiES fuel senders
  • Mid-continent clock
  • WAT LED nav strobe lights
  • Aeroleds LED landing light
  • Wheelen LED rotating beacon
  • Rosen visors
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CiES Senders and Aerospace Logic Fuel Gauges


You don't have to fly in the mountains with full fuel or more fuel than needed anymore. Weight affects plane performance especially when taking density altitude into consideration. Flying the backcountry and some challenging strips, calculating weight is a priority. Before, I used to carry too much fuel. I didn't know in a reliable way how much fuel I had. CiES fuel senders are a direct replacement for your old fuel senders and super easy to install. Combined with Aerospace Logic digital fuel gauges, now you can know exactly how much fuel is in your plane.

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CiES Fuel Sender and Aerospace Logic Gauge Installation

HangaRatz - Bill Goebel

Follow along as Bill Goebel of Decatur, Texas upgrades his 1956 Cessna 182. Bill removes the old wingpit fuel indicators and replaces them with new CiES fuel senders and an Aerospace Logic fuel gauge. Watch as he overcomes some space constraints in this 70 year-old aircraft, and check out his neat and tidy wiring.

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Garmin G500 TXi EIS w/ CiES Fuel Senders


We just updated the Garmin G500 to the G500 TXi. Also replaced the JPI EDM 930 Engine Monitor. In this video, I show the Dealer Install Fuel Calibration process, and a general overview of the new Garmin integrated EIS. Chapters include:

  • Fuel Calibration - 3:05
  • Select a Calibration Procedure - 3:54
  • Add Unusable Fuel to the Left Main Tank - 4:17
  • Estimated Fuel Remaining - 7:34
  • Setup Pages - 9:24
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CiES Fuel Senders Demonstration

CiES Inc.

In this video, CiES shows the efficacy of the float system. They are float-based for easy retrofit. CiES fuel senders offer level flight fuel quantity indication accuracy to 1/10th of a gallon. Raw fuel level data accurate to 1/100th of a gallon. Non-contact measurement eliminates fuel sender issues.

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Conformal Coat

CiES Inc.

In this video, CiES shows the HumiSeal process of the electronics outside the fuel tank. Using this product and process, all of the electronic components are protected from humidity, moisture, surface contaminants, mechanical and thermal stresses, as well as UV and chemical exposure.

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Engraving Cessna TTX Advanced Technology Fuel Senders

CiES Inc.

In this video, CiES shows the engraving process for each of TSO'd fuel sender casings. This is highly durable, as it is etched into the hard-anodized aluminum surface.

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MASSIVE Flying Day ➡ 11hrs 20mins + 894nm

Angle of Attack

We continue our huge cross country, cross continent flying adventure from Wisconsin to Alaska in our Cessna 172. Our instrument panel was just completely redone, and now we’re taking it home to our flight school. The journey ahead is still long. 

We'll pick up around the 14:07 mark, where these guys start discussing the CiES fuel senders and how accurate they are.

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