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Aircraft Companies.

Our solutions include IoT capability for mobile and cloud-based components and interfaces.  ​With 100,000 units in the field and over 500,000 hours of trouble-free operation, we are trusted by quality aircraft manufacturers.

CiES exceeds 90,000 hrs. mean time to failure (MTTF) making our fuel quantity one of the most reliable aviation systems in existence.

The initial STC allows the CiES fuel sender to replace the existing fuel quantity senders in:

  • Britten Norman BN2
  • Beech 33, 35, 36, 55, 58, T34
  • Cessna 150, 170, 172, 177, 177RG, 180, 182, 185, 190, 195, 206, 207, 210, 300, 400, TTx
  • Cirrus SR20 SR22
  • Fairchild 24
  • Gippsland/Mahindra GA8
  • Grumman
  • Maule
  • Mooney
  • Piper PA 23, PA 24, PA 28, PA 30, PA 31, PA 32, PA 39, PA 44, PA46
  • SAAB Safari MFI-17, MFI-15, MFI-9 Garmin & Dynon interface
    (Part # CC2840223325-501)
  • Socata
  • Vulcanair P68

CiES CC-Series fuel senders are TSO certified to C55A and associated SAE AS405C.

They have met all the DO-160(F) and DO-254 DAL (Design Assurance Level) Level D requirements for the TSO.

red white blue beechcraft baron in flight

Great upgrade. Gave me confidence to fly to the Bahamas and know exactly how much fuel I have before the next fuel stop.

- Dominik Kacpreak
Mooney M20J


CiES Fuel Senders

CAIGA logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders and Fuel Control Switch on the Primus 150 or AG300 aircraft.

Cirrus logo

The reliability of the fuel level system has improved so significantly it isn't even charted anymore [for CiES Fuel Level Senders].

Mahindra logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders for the GA10.

Quest logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders on the Kodiak.

Tecnam logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders for the P2006T, P2010 Twenty-Ten and P2012 Traveller.

Vulcanair logo

Outfits all of their aircraft with CiES Fuel Level Senders. 


Next Generation Can Trust Their Fuel Gauges.

We’re committed to providing an accurate, safe and reliable fuel level reading, as well as providing you with the highest level of service. Once you have installed magnetic field fuel sensing, your fuel level sensing problems will be solved. When you see the difference, you’ll always choose us for your fuel and liquid level sending needs.