Fuel System Components


Fuel System Components.

CiES is utilizing accurate and reliable fuel quantity to realize an opportunity to provide early warning of fuel related issues in aircraft and assist the pilot or automate the selection of the proper fuel tank in a multiple tank installation.

By working with RDD on the LX7 https://www.rddent.com/lx7.html to automate the low wing fuel quantity system, this system keeps the two 90 gallon wing tanks within a gallon of each other throughout the flight.

CIES is pressing its position in aviation by pressing its technological capability into new challenges in fuel and oil level.

Extremely accurate! My line guys take bets when I fuel up as to what my “used” value is and what they can squeeze in the tanks. I always win!

- Rick Hock
Beechcraft F33A Bonanza

fuel tank controller system component showing left, auto, right and fault

Next Generation Can Trust Their Fuel Gauges.

We’re committed to providing an accurate, safe and reliable fuel level reading, as well as providing you with the highest level of service. Once you have installed magnetic field fuel sensing, your fuel level sensing problems will be solved. When you see the difference, you’ll always choose us for your fuel and liquid level sending needs.