Bolt-In Fuel Sender Replacements

SAAB Safari MFI-17, MFI-15, MFI 9

Bolt-In Replacements.

CiES Fuel level senders are a physical bolt in replacement for other aircraft fuel quantity. They are applicable to:

  • SAAB Safari MFI-17 Garmin & Dynon interface
    (Part # CC2840223325-501)
  • SAAB Safari MFI-15 Garmin & Dynon interface
    (Part # CC2840223325-501)
  • SAAB Safari MFI-9 Garmin & Dynon interface
    (Part # CC2840223325-501)

CiES Fuel senders do require a power wire for operation, as the as the complex sender circuitry involved requires power to operate.

Unless otherwise specified,  we can support:
  • Digital Output - Dynon, Garmin, JPI, Aerospace Logic Digital, EI Preferred
  • Current or Voltage Output - Aerospace Logic, EI, Garmin, JPI
  • Existing Gauge - Aircraft must have a tank and gauge map. Contact us for details.

Image Attribution for SAAB Safari image: FOX 52, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

beechcraft installed CiES fuel sender old sender laying on wing
beechcraft installed CiES fuel sender

Extremely accurate! My line guys take bets when I fuel up as to what my “used” value is and what they can squeeze in the tanks. I always win!

- Rick Hock
Beechcraft F33A Bonanza


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