Models & Specifications

Fuel Sender Models & Specifications

With 100,000 magneto-resistive fuel sensors in the field and over 900,000 hours of trouble-free operation, we are trusted by aircraft manufacturers, discerning organizations and individuals. Our digital aircraft fuel senders exceed 90,000 hrs. mean time to failure (MTTF) making our product one of the most reliable aviation systems in existence.

The initial STC allows the CiES fuel sender to replace the existing fuel quantity senders in many aircraft, including: Britten Norman, Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Fairchild, Gippsland/Mahindra, Grumman, Maule, Mooney, Piper, Socata and Vulcanair.

CiES CC-Series fuel senders are TSO certified to C55A and associated SAE AS405C. They have met all the DO-160(F) and DO-254 DAL (Design Assurance Level) Level D requirements for the TSO.

We tried a number of resistive float senders with terrible accuracy. With CiES senders, our indicated fuel is within 0.5 gallons of the EDM830 totalizer every time!

- Tony Varga
Commander 112

General Aviation Manufacturers

Fuel Sender Models

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Amazing technology. After 35 years flying my 182, I installed CiES senders and G275 EIS and the fuel shown and pumped is always accurate to the gallon. Wonderful!

- John Seibert
Cessna 182P Skylane

Built for Reliability & Longevity

Fuel Sender Specifications

Sender Construction
Part Material Used
PlacardHigh Bond Polyester
Housing/ReceptacleAnodize Aluminum per MIL-A-8625F CLASS II
Stopper/RotorHard Anodized Aluminum with Teflon coating per MIL-A-63576A CLASS I
Arm2011-T3 Aluminum
MagnetsNickel plated Neodymium
FloatNitrile Rubber (NBR)
GasketBuna-N Rubber per MIL-R-6855 C1
ElectronicsRoHS compliant
HardwareNAS, MS, AN, AS, or equivalent
Heat ShrinkMIL-DTL-23053/16
Overmold/BootHigh Performance Elastomer with self-seal adhesive
cies sender rendering early version
CiES Fuel Senders are Specified and Installed

Quality Aircraft Companies

CAIGA logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders and Fuel Control Switch on the Primus 150 or AG300 aircraft.

Cirrus logo

The reliability of the fuel level system has improved so significantly it isn't even charted anymore [for CiES Fuel Level Senders].

Mahindra logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders for the GA10.

Quest logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders on the Kodiak.

Tecnam logo

Specified CiES Fuel Level Senders for the P2006T, P2010 Twenty-Ten and P2012 Traveller.

Vulcanair logo

Outfits all of their aircraft with CiES Fuel Level Senders. 

Two years ago, I had four CiES senders and Aerospace Logic display in my Bonanza and I love them. Very accurate and easy to read. Reliable and reasonably priced.

- John Dalman
Beechcraft F33A Bonanza

Magnetic Field Advantages

Our magneto-resistive solution keeps electronics out of the fuel tank, while producing unparalleled accuracy and longevity. How does magnetic field technology compare with the other four traditional measuring methods? Find out here.

Float System Accuracy

It’s a simple solution to a complex problem - measuring fluid or fuel level in an enclosed, invisible space. Quite simply, the float system was never the problem, the sensor was.


Next Generation Can Trust Their Fuel Gauges.

We’re committed to providing an accurate, safe and reliable fuel level reading, as well as providing you with the highest level of service. Once you have installed magnetic field fuel sensing, your fuel level sensing problems will be solved. When you see the difference, you’ll always choose us for your fuel and liquid level sending needs.