Maximize Aircraft Fuel Management with CiES Digital Fuel Sensors

aviation consumer magazine november 2023

In Larry Anglisano’s article on October 25, 2023, “Digital Fuel Sensors: Installation-Critical,” the importance of accurate fuel quantity measurements in aircraft is highlighted, especially during primary engine instrumentation system retrofits. While it may be tempting to save costs by using existing OEM analog fuel tank sensors, this often leads to compromised accuracy and reliability. The…

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New CiES senders and Dynon glass in a Bonanza F33A

dynon glass youtube thumbnail

Follow along as JR Aviation installs new Dynon and Avidyne glass (and CiES fuel senders) in their Beechcraft Bonanza F33A. In this video, they go for a first flight to learn about all the new upgrades and systems. They review the avionics and give their first impressions on Avidyne IFD550, IFD440, audio panel, twin Dynon…

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Aero-News TV at OshKosh 2021 Fuel Monitoring

image of Scott Philiben speaking to Aero News spokeswoman at OshKosh 2021

At AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Aero-News Correspondent Maria Morrison spoke with CiES Inc. President Scott Philiben about their fuel monitoring systems for small aircraft. “Working with industry partner Cirrus to revamp the fuel reading accuracy, CiES was able to create a safer, more modern fuel quantity sender suited to nearly all general aviation aircraft,…

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CIES fuel senders on 182T G1000 – rock steady fuel level

black and white Cessna 182 with two gas cans and the door open

The following testimonial on rock steady fuel level was originally posted here: by Petit Cessna Voyageur My 182 was initially equipped with resistive fuel senders (Rochester) as they can be found on old Ford. Resistive fuel senders work pretty well, but they get old early. They stay in 100LL all the time, and the…

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CiES fuel senders on AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger

image of Grumman Tiger given away in the AOPA Sweepstakes in 2022

The circa-1978 Grumman Tiger now sports new fuel senders courtesy of CiES Corp. The modernizing of this AOPA sweepstakes giveaway is a fantastic project to follow. You can read more about this beautiful airplane and its transformation on the AOPA website. The AOPA also has nine videos on their YouTube channel detailing some of the…

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AOPA Pilot – December 2020 – Fuel Quantity

AOPA December 2020 cover showing a gray and red aircraft

Thomas B. Haines, Editor in Chief of the AOPA Pilot magazines briefly discusses the accuracy of CiES digital fuel senders in his article Check Notams. Save Yourself Some Grief. Below is an excerpt of the article: “With an IFR flight plan filed for the short trip, we climbed away from Johnstown as I carefully watched…

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Garmin G500(H)/G600/G700 TXi – CiES probes

cockpit showing Garmin instruments TXi

The 2020 version of Garmin’s G500(H)/G600/G700 TXi Software v3.10 documentation reveals specified support for CiES probes (fuel senders). This is specified on page 10 of the report. Most common resistive fuel senders are supported as well as CiES probes. Select capacitive fuel senders and fuel conditioners are also approved. Most common resistive fuel senders are…

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SportAviation – October 2019 – CiES Sensors

magazine mockup of SportAviation - October 2019 and the Actually Accurate article

Actually AccurateCiES sensors provide reliable fuel level readingsBy Beth E. Stanton “It’s very strange,” said Scott Philiben, EAA 1148835, CEO and founder of CiES. “This issue has been around for a very long time. Practically every movie featuring a stressed-out pilot includes the obligatory tapping of the fuel gauge.” In airplanes, fuel sloshes around in…

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AOPA Pilot – November 2018 – CiES Fuel Senders

magazine article mockup showing the AOPA Pilot article entitled Eliminating Hope Going to the Limit with Confidence

AOPA PilotNovember 2018 Thomas Haines, former Editor in Chief of AOPA, offers a glowing review of the accuracy and consistency of the CiES fuel senders. Here is a short excerpt: HOPE DOESN’T POWER OUR AIRPLANES, as much as we sometimes might wish it did. Too often we take off and hope we have enough fuel.…

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Avionics News – June 2018 – Fuel Quantity Systems

Avionics News June 2018 mockup with highlights from the 2018 AEA Convention

We are a featured member in the June 2018 edition of Avionics News. Here is an excerpt of the article: During the last eight years, CiES has grown slowly and organically to be the largest supplier of fuel quantity systems in the world, according to Philiben. Some 18,000 of the company’s fuel senders are operational…

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