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In-Service Difficulty Reports

JPI 900 Analyzer


Originally between J6 and P7 was the JPI 790802 Signal Conditioner that converted the old resistance readings of the fuel senders to 0-5V for the JPI analyzer. CiES senders outputting 0-5V, this Signal Conditioner is useless and can be removed. However, you can’t just plug J6 and P7 together and have it work. You have…

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In-Service Call or Inquiry Procedure

When a call, email or other correspondence is received from a customer or aircraft service facility about an in-service issue on a CiES TSO product, the following procedure is to be followed: Ask if the situation is a safety of flight or if safety of flight has been compromised by the problem. If the Answer…

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Erratic Output


SEVERAL ISSUES CAN CAUSE ERRATIC OUTPUT. THE MOST COMMON ARE LISTED BELOW: Connector Pin Engagement The connector pins need to be fully engaged into the connector to fully seat with the mating connector socket or vice versa. This is the most common issue and it can cause a multitude of errors in output. Tank Sealant…

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