AOPA Pilot – November 2018 – CiES Fuel Senders

AOPA Pilot
November 2018

Thomas Haines, former Editor in Chief of AOPA, offers a glowing review of the accuracy and consistency of the CiES fuel senders. Here is a short excerpt:

HOPE DOESN’T POWER OUR AIRPLANES, as much as we sometimes might wish it did. Too often we take off and hope we have enough fuel. Or, we take off with what we believe is enough fuel, but along the way, a reroute or headwinds extend our flight time and we begin looking at the fuel gauges, hoping they are accurate. Or, perhaps, hoping that they are as inaccurate as they usually are and that we really have more fuel onboard than the gauges indicate…

The bottom line is that I no longer have to hope I have enough fuel on board. I can now comfortably fly longer distances, getting more utilization out of the airplane—and perhaps making fewer fuel stops—because I have confidence in the amount of fuel really on board.

Thomas Haines – AOPA

Find all of this interesting? Read the rest of the article in it’s entirety here.

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Established in 2012, CiES is now the largest supplier of aviation fuel quantity probes and senders. They are the recognized leader in the design, development, certification, and manufacture of electronic sensor solutions for original equipment manufacturers, as well as direct-to-market consumer products. Through the creative application of cutting-edge technologies, CiES creates complex end-to-end solutions. This is a company that is changing the game in aviation technology and revolutionizing the way we navigate the skies. Aiming at future growth and innovation, CiES is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.​

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