Jet Quality Fuel Readouts – Magnetic Field Fuel Sensing

David Tulis, Associate Editor Web/ePilot AOPA, has recently written a comprehensive article on CiES technology to increase aircraft safety with it’s patented magnetic resistive fuel senders.

[CiES] partnered with Vector Aerospace [now StandardAero] and Robertson Fuel Systems, which designed a double-walled fuel tank and internal bladder for Airbus AS350 and EC130 helicopters. Philiben’s magnetic field fuel sensing technology measurement system rides freely inside the bladder without sharp edges that could puncture the inner safety lining. The float sender uses a non-contact sensor instead of a traditional mechanical wiper, avoiding corrosion and other pitfalls that could lead to erratic readings.

The helicopter company demanded fuel quantity accuracy “within 1.5 gallons on a 140-gallon tank,” but Philiben bettered that figure almost tenfold. He said the CiES fuel measurement system “was found to be accurate within several tenths of a gallon at all temperatures and fuel mixtures” and is “the equivalent of being within a cup or two of avgas on an average aircraft fuel system.” In December, his company received FAA approval for the helicopter units.

You may read the article in its entirety here:

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About CiES Inc.

Established in 2012, CiES is now the largest supplier of aviation fuel quantity probes and senders. They are the recognized leader in the design, development, certification, and manufacture of electronic sensor solutions for original equipment manufacturers, as well as direct-to-market consumer products. Through the creative application of cutting-edge technologies, CiES creates complex end-to-end solutions. This is a company that is changing the game in aviation technology and revolutionizing the way we navigate the skies. Aiming at future growth and innovation, CiES is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.​

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