Why Aircraft Fuel Sender Repair is a Poor Longterm Solution

Fuel senders are a vital part of any aircraft. They are responsible for providing the pilot with an accurate reading of the aircraft’s fuel level. This information is essential for the pilot to make safe and informed decisions about the aircraft’s flight.

However, fuel senders can malfunction for a variety of reasons. These reasons can include corrosion, manufacturing defects, and damage. When a fuel sender malfunctions, it can provide the pilot with inaccurate information about the aircraft’s fuel level. This can lead to the pilot making incorrect decisions about the aircraft’s flight, which could have obvious dangerous consequences.

Some repairs are only temporary

There are a few reasons why repairing a fuel sender is not a long-term solution. First, the repair may only be temporary. The underlying problem that caused the fuel sender to malfunction may still be present, and it could cause the fuel sender to fail again in the near future.

corroded float sender

For example, if a fuel sender malfunctions due to corrosion, the corrosion will continue to damage the fuel sender even if it is repaired. This means that the repair will only be temporary, and the fuel sender will eventually fail again.

A repaired sender may not be accurate

Second, a repaired fuel sender may not be as accurate as a new one. This is because the repair process may further damage the fuel sender, or it may not be able to correct the underlying problem that caused the fuel sender to malfunction in the first place.

For example, if a fuel sender is sending incorrect information due to a manufacturing defect, the defect may not be detected or corrected during the “repair” process. This means that the fuel sender may still be inaccurate, even after it has been “repaired.”

Fuel sender removal can damage it further

Finally, fuel senders can be damaged during the installation or removal process. If a fuel sender is damaged, it may not accurately measure the aircraft’s fuel level. Even if the fuel sender is successfully repaired, it may not be as accurate as a new one.

Work with a reputable mechanic for replacement

For the safety of the aircraft and its occupants, it is important to replace a malfunctioning fuel sender as soon as possible. Repairing a fuel sender is not a long-term solution, and it can fail again or provide erroneous information. If you are a pilot, and your aircraft’s fuel sender malfunctions, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Instead, take the aircraft to a qualified mechanic for replacement.

Solve fuel quantity measuring with our patented magnetic resonance technology

In 2012, the company developed our magnetic field fuel quantity as a new type of fuel quantity measurement available for aviation. This technology incorporates a non-contact fuel measurement principle, allowing for a truly intrinsically safe fuel quantity system in aircraft. Basically, we eliminated all electrical contact within the fuel tank volume and the hazards associated with internal tank electrical contact. Our technology requires fewer sensors in the fuel tank to meet all regulatory requirements while meeting the highest accuracy stand for TSO fuel quantity. In addition, CiES fuel senders exceeds 90,000 hrs. mean time to failure (MTTF), making our fuel quantity one of the most reliable aviation systems in existence.

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