10 Advantages of Magnetic vs. Ultrasonic Fuel Senders

anodized red cessna fuel senders

Fuel senders play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of an aircraft’s fuel system, providing essential data to the pilot regarding the fuel level in the tanks. Among the various types of fuel senders available, magnetic fuel senders stand out for their unparalleled advantages over ultrasonic fuel senders. In this article, we will delve…

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Why does my fuel gauge jump back and forth?

white, gold and burgundy Cessna over the Grand Canyon

Have you ever been flying your airplane and noticed that the fuel gauge needle is jumping back and forth? This can be a concerning sight, especially if you’re not sure what’s causing it. And it can be very distracting, no matter how many times you’ve flown. There are a few possible reasons why your fuel…

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9 Advantages of Magnetic vs. Resistive Fuel Senders

magnetic resistive fuel sensor comparing CiES to an OEM version

In the realm of aircraft fuel systems, fuel senders play a pivotal role in accurately measuring the fuel level in the tanks. Among the various types available, magnetic fuel senders have emerged as a cutting-edge technology with distinct advantages over their resistive counterparts. In this article, we will explore the nine key benefits in fifteen…

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Why Aircraft Fuel Sender Repair is a Poor Longterm Solution

small aircraft fuel senders

Fuel senders are a vital part of any aircraft. They are responsible for providing the pilot with an accurate reading of the aircraft’s fuel level. This information is essential for the pilot to make safe and informed decisions about the aircraft’s flight. However, fuel senders can malfunction for a variety of reasons. These reasons can…

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